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In every of our Free Medical Mission, De-worming and Water purification exercises, we engage the services of our experienced and skilled volunteers who dedicate their time and talent to humanitarian services. Click here to see a list of our Medical Volunteers.

If you wish to join our team in a medical or non medical capacity, kindly fill out the form below. Be sure to provide correct information about yourself. Fields marked (*) are compulsory. The information you enter here will enable us contact you or mail you when the need arise.

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Appreciation Note from the Executive Director of the O.B.Lulu-Briggs Foundation, Pastor Mrs. Seinye O.B.Lulu-Briggs

…….My sincere appreciation goes to all the medical and non medical volunteers who have left the comfort and familiarity of their hospitals, clinics and homes to hearken unto this call of service to humanity. Despite the ugly shadow of a ruthlessly deadly disease Ebola which has viciously attacked and killed doctors, putting every care giver and health worker at risk in this country, you selflessly utilized your talents and skills to care for the rural dwellers in Akwa Ibom State. My God keep you safe and secure.

While we return all the praise to God for each successful medical mission, we will not fail to acknowledge the fact that our volunteers have been of immense help to us in achieving our goals.