Raising the quality of health and health awareness amongst the Niger Delta populace is an integral part of our programming. Since 2005, through 34 Free Medical Missions and counting, we have taken comprehensive high-quality health services, including surgeries, to the doorstep of 132,668 men, women and children in rural and semi-urban Niger Delta communities in Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River and Rivers State. The inmates of the Port Harcourt and Degema Prisons have also benefitted from the Foundation’s Free Medical Missions.

The state of healthcare across Nigeria remains of serious concern. Facilities, personnel and consumables are grossly inadequate, particularly in peri-urban and rural communities across the Niger Delta. Consequently, accessing quality and timely care is problematic; with many households and individuals unable to afford the high cost of pocket expenses in both the public and private healthcare systems. Many simply delay, or worse, do not seek healthcare at all.  One of the unfortunate outcomes of this poor state of affairs in our health system is reflected in the heavy burden of unmet medical needs on families and communities across the country.

Yet, good health is universally recognized as the greatest asset of any citizenry and is considered a fundamental human right, duly accorded intense global attention, presently as United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, SDG, # 3: To ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages.

During the five-day missions, medical and non-medical volunteers provide the following services: