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Elder Mrs.JackMeet Madam Aku Jack, she is not just a Gracious sight to behold, she has an impeccable personality about her.

Upon arrival at the Executive Director Pastor Mrs Seinye O. B Lulu-Briggs birthday party last month, she captivated every one around her with her cheerfulness, even as she is blind, she didn’t carry an aura of sadness or pity.
What made her outstanding is the fact that she participated on all the prayers, hymns and jubilations, she was first to clap her hands, or nod her head in agreement to all that was said while wishing the Executive Director a Happy Birthday…

So we granted the Media persons there an interview with her, she was a delight to them all, as she answered their questions in simple English language… One of the reporters couldn’t help but ask her if she had an education, because she spoke well..

She laughed and replied : “My daughter, i did not attend any kind of school, I was a trader back then in the days, i travelled from Port-Harcourt to the North, and i picked up English”
She continued… “I am a blind old woman who has been given an opportunity by the High Chief O.B.Lulu-Briggs and his wife Pst Mrs Seinye O.B. Lulu-Briggs, i have been well taken care of and attended to and i owe them my gratitude and prayers”

She couldn’t help but asked for time to sing a song for the Founders of the Foundation in her native ijaw kalabari dialect …

Theres a quote by James M. Barrie that goes thus.. “Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”

This woman, exuded cheerfulness and happiness around her, she got the journalists smiling and struck a chord that would always make them remember her.

We hope you remember to bring happiness around you. ALWAYS.


Meet Mr Patrick Matthew Ueosen, a 60 year old retired veteran of the Nigerian Army, who is from Uruan Community.

Mr Patrick has had eye issues for a long time and had meet an optometrist before but he was not given any eye glass for any correction, but when he heard about the 5day #FreeMedicalMission on radio and saw the advert on local television he made an important decision to partake of it.

Here you see Mr Patrick pose with his two glasses (One eye glass for daytime and one for reading).

He urged people who have “eye problem” to run down to anywhere they hear of O.B.Lulu-Briggs Foundation’s Free Medical Mission and benefit FREE (Emphatically).

When asked to say something to the Foundation, he said..

“Anytime he puts on his glasses, during day time and when he reads any thing, he would say a prayer for the founder of the Foundation, God Bless Them”.

Undecended TesticleWhen Mrs Blessing Emmanuel Udoh came visiting her cousin at Idu-Uruan, she didn’t envisage there was going to be a Positive life transformation happening to her 6yrs old son (Gideon Obo|). All she came in for was a

check-up on her son’s ears after she heard from the village’s town-crier mention the O. B. Lulu-Briggs 5days Free Medical Mission.


Being a Nurse with a private hospital, she has an idea of her son’s medical condition from birth as “Undescended Testicles”, but she assumed he was to grow it out. Over the years she didn’t bother visiting a doctor or hospital for consultation because she knew it would mean surgery which she cannot afforded.


Upon her son’s recovery from surgery, she couldn’t hold back tears and gratitude as she was amongst the first to give a testimony before the Founders of the Foundation and the community. In her own words.

“May God Bless the Founders of the Foundation and protect their family from with a good future”

Eye Care 1Nyeneime Ekariua Clement, is a 29 yr old student from Uyo who heard about the Free Medical Mission on radio. Clement admitted that he is aware he is short sighted and when he heard about the 5days Free medical decided to come and see an Optometrist .

Upon seeing one of the Volunteer Dr Nwogwugwu Chioma Peace, after diagnosis she revealed he had Amblyopia second to poorly managed Myopic Anisometropia resulting to an Advanced Glaucoma.

According to him, he has difficulties with reading and seeing far, and that he had already seen an optometrist before and was given drugs and Eye glasses to use for lectures, but over time he couldn’t use it.

And in his own words he “Appreciates the work of the Organisers of this 5days Free Medical Mission, that with their selflessness now I can now read clearly and without paying a dime for it. I AM WILLING TO SPREAD THE GOODWILL DEEDS OF O.B.Lulu-Briggs FOUNDATION TO EVERYBODY. “
– Nyeneine Ekarika Clement”.