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Care For Life Programme

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The Care for life programme is our flagship   programme and it is envisioned to bring joy, purpose and meaning to the lives of the elderly who are indigent, neglected and adjudged societal outcasts and burdens by reason of their age, health and financial cum social standing in our communities.

Care For Life operates by identifying vulnerable, indigent senior citizens and intentionally working to improve the quality of their lives by offering them services such as paid care givers, free medication and medical attention and monthly care packages comprising food items. Realizing that loneliness and isolation are the bane of our silver years, the Foundation has set up Recreational Centers, where our senior citizens can visit and interact daily with their peers. The Foundation also organizes regular social events designed to positively impact the bodies, minds and spirits of our senior citizens.

In addition, the Care for Life programme is poised to engage in advocacy issues by providing a strong and informed voice, championing the rights and privileges of senior citizens in the Niger-Delta region and beyond.

Over the years, the Foundation has made remarkable accomplishments which amongst others include:

  • Undertaking the total care of over 200 Beneficiaries including:
    • Monthly Feeding
    • Medication and Medical Assistance
    • Spiritual Care (Teachings on the word of God/Christian values)
    • Trained Caregiver Visits
    • Scheduled Social Events
  • Building homes for homeless and destitute elderly in the rural areas.


The Foundation has constructed two fully equipped Day Care /Recreational Centres for senior citizens located in rural communities in Rivers state. Here the elderly ones are guaranteed: One Meal a Day, A Place to Rest, Medical Attention and a Social Community. We intend to replicate it all over Rivers State and Nigeria.


To be able to identify helpless elderly people in rural communities, assess their present living conditions, assist them and successfully help them through physical, medical and spiritual interventions.


  • Improve the health of older persons who are unable to support themselves
  • Create an environment where older persons can relax, interact and get care
  • Promote healthy dietary practices, good nutrition and regular physical activity
  • Support faith-based visitation and evangelical interventions for older persons
  • Offer services for older persons, including home-delivered food items
  • Promote quality of life for older persons and one-on-one assistance.

Targeted Beneficiaries

Primarily, the target group of the programme is elderly people aged 70 years and above who reside in rural communities. Those who qualify to be catered to under the Care for Life Programme of the O.B Lulu-Briggs Foundation are referred to as Beneficiaries. So far, our projects have targeted at ageing populations in Abonnema, Buguma, Degema, Ilelema, Obonoma, Krakrama, Igbo-Etche, Okpo, Abua and Port Harcourt.

What We Do


elderly infirm and in-need senior citizens in rural communities


by giving them monthly supply of much needed food and provisions


regular medical check-ups and aid from assigned caregivers


create a social atmosphere for socializing and community