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World AIDS Day

HIVDid you know world AIDS Day is marked on the 1st December each Year? It is one of the eight official global public health campaigns marked by the World Health Organization (WHO), which was held for the first time in 1988.

It is an opportunity for people Worldwide, especially in Rivers State to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for the people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died of HIV/AIDS.

Today, scientific advances have been made in HIV palliative treatment, there are Laws to protect people living with HIV and we understand so much more about condition.

World AIDS Day is more important, because it reminds the public and Government that HIV has not gone away. There is still a vital need to increase awareness, fight prejudice and improve education.

It is a pity; some people in Rivers State do not know the facts about how to protect themselves and others. The stigma and discrimination remain a reality for many people living with the condition.

HIV can be transmitted in three ways:

*Sexual transmission

*Transmission through infected blood

*Mother –to–Child transmission

There are some basic facts on how to prevent HIV:

*Avoid sharing Sharp Objects with an infected person

*Be faithful to one partner

World AIDS Day is an avenue to show support and solidarity with the millions of people living with HIV. By wearing a red ribbon is one simple way to do this.

Please, get tested to know your HIV Status and be involved with World AIDS Day


Dr. Mrs. Seinye O.B. Lulu-Briggs

Micro-Credit & Entrepreneurship

Skill Acquisition Beneficiaries of the O.B.Lulu-Briggs Foundation and its Executive Management

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The Micro-Credit and Entrepreneurship programme targets rural people who have no other way of claiming financial independence. The recipients choose a business for themselves and create a business plan. We provide the necessary training. We are currently working with 3 cooperatives and over 200 recipients.

What We Do?

This initiative was created to empower women, especially rural women who want to own self-sustainable businesses. Most of the young women we supported had little or no source of income. The Foundation offers soft and revolving loans which are accessible to rural women without the hurdle of presenting collateral for the loans.

The second part of the programme ensures that appropriate financing, training and support are also given to fund beneficiaries to build-up their business acumen.


  • Over Eighteen million (N18,000,000.00) naira has been invested to help over one hundred and thirty (130) women and youths acquire requisite training in vocational skills such as pipe fitting, welding, carpentry and crane operation. Youths and women have also been empowered with funds and equipment for business startups and expansion.
  • Provided over 40 rural women in Rivers State with micro-credit to enable them start up small and medium scale business (SME’s) in various categories namely:

Rachael Ladies

William West Ladies

Briggs Ladies

  • Conducted a two -day seminar for 882 Abonnema youths in various categories such as Autodesk, Computer Training, jewelry Craft, Fashion Design, Catering , Welding & Fabrication, Scaffolding, Borehole & Tilling, Energy ( Solar Inverters), Media production and web design.

Access to Clean Water

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In the rural communities in our country, there a grave of potable water which means that women and children walk many long and painful distances, daily, in order to access good quality water for daily living. Based on this reality, in 2009, the Foundation initiated an accessible clean water programme. Initially called the Water Purification Exercise, this programme was carried out at the onset, in partnership with the Society for Family Health (SFH) and involved the use of highly effective water purifier sachets (PUR) manufactured by the reputable Procter & Gamble(PG).

In 2013, this programme was re-focused and designed to help combat water related diseases such as cholera, dysentery, intestinal and other worm infestations, through the use of water treatment filters. It was then re-named the Access to Clean Water Programme.

Through this programme, the Foundation has positively impacted the health and sanitary habits of people in urban and remote communities by providing potable drinking water through provision of boreholes and mono-pumps with water filters attached.


To improve the quality of drinking water consumed by rural communities through water purification exercise which teach rural communities how to purify their water before drinking.


  • Provision of safe drinking water using P&G PUR (Purifier of Water) to the following communities in Rivers State.

14 communities in Abua/Odual Local Government Area

2 communities in Asari-Toru Local Government Area

3 communities in Ahoada West Local Government Area

4 communities in Khana Local Government Area

  • Conducted training programme to teach people how to use the “Purifier of Water” sachets and distributed the sachets, free of charge, to over 400 households each in these four (4) afore mentioned Local Government Areas.
  • Construction of two (2) blocks of sanitary facilities (Male and Female) and boreholes equipped with multiple fetching points at the Maximum-Security Prisons, Port Harcourt.
  • Provision of standard potable water with multiple fetching points in Abonnema in Rivers state.

Education & Scholarship

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Our Education and Scholarship Programme has a special focus on students from low socio-economic backgrounds and is designed to enable them acquire basic quality education at all levels of their academic pursuit. The programme assists eligible students by, amongst other things, paying their school fees. We also partner with other NGOs and stake holders to provide a standard, conducive learning environment in rural and remote areas.

Over the years, the Foundation has awarded grants and scholarships to students in various academic institutions. We have also built and equipped schools to aid learning.

In addition, this programme aims to facilitate the development of future leaders, opinion molders and decision makers.


The Education and Scholarship Programme operates various scholarship award schemes to address the diverse educational needs of scholars.


Primary education is priceless as it sets the basic foundation for every other form of formal education. Since many rural dwelling parents lack access to the formal education themselves, many children are denied the opportunity of getting basic education. Others who are willing to send their children to school are often not able to do so because of paucity of funds. This scheme provides children with support needed to attend or complete education at the primary school level.


Despite Government effort over the past few decades to make post primary education more accessible by building schools in towns and villages, there exists a disparity in the number of educated high school leavers in the rural communities compared to the urban cities. This scheme bridges this gap by creating more opportunities for children in rural areas to acquire quality post primary education.



This scholarship supports indigent students that have gained admission into higher institutions FOR any Bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) programme in any Nigerian university.


Following the sudden increase in the admission fees of the Nigerian Law School which left a significant number of law students unable to practice law professionally, the Foundation initiated the Nigerian Law School Grant to bridge the gap between aspiring students’ goals and the reality they face. The Foundation has opened up this programme to all qualified indigenes of Rivers State origin, who aspire to attend the Nigerian Law School.

Under this grant, each beneficiary receives a substantial scholarship as well as a laptop computer. Currently, over 500 students have been awarded grants.


Investment in quality education and exposure at the advanced tertiary level advances the development of knowledgeable, informed would-be leaders in every sector of human endeavor. The Foundation’s Post Graduate Education Scholarship intervention enables graduate students gain access to the highest level of education to boost their careers and help them compete favourably among their peers.



  • In appreciation of the role of teachers in the development of any child, the Foundation initiated the Motivation and Appreciation Initiative (MAI) for teachers. Under the scheme, a monthly cash incentive is given to nineteen (19) Academic and non- Academic Staff of the St. Augustine’s Nursery & Primary School, Abonnema.
  • Built and equipped three (3) schools with science laboratories namely: Abonnema Girls’ Secondary School, Nyemoni Grammar School and Comprehensive Secondary School.
  • Donation of standard school building equipped with computer systems, desks and cooling systems to the St. Augustine Nursery and Primary School, Abonnema. The Foundation also undertakes the periodic renovation of the school.

Care For Life Programme

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The Care for life programme is our flagship   programme and it is envisioned to bring joy, purpose and meaning to the lives of the elderly who are indigent, neglected and adjudged societal outcasts and burdens by reason of their age, health and financial cum social standing in our communities.

Care For Life operates by identifying vulnerable, indigent senior citizens and intentionally working to improve the quality of their lives by offering them services such as paid care givers, free medication and medical attention and monthly care packages comprising food items. Realizing that loneliness and isolation are the bane of our silver years, the Foundation has set up Recreational Centers, where our senior citizens can visit and interact daily with their peers. The Foundation also organizes regular social events designed to positively impact the bodies, minds and spirits of our senior citizens.

In addition, the Care for Life programme is poised to engage in advocacy issues by providing a strong and informed voice, championing the rights and privileges of senior citizens in the Niger-Delta region and beyond.

Over the years, the Foundation has made remarkable accomplishments which amongst others include:

  • Undertaking the total care of over 200 Beneficiaries including:
    • Monthly Feeding
    • Medication and Medical Assistance
    • Spiritual Care (Teachings on the word of God/Christian values)
    • Trained Caregiver Visits
    • Scheduled Social Events
  • Building homes for homeless and destitute elderly in the rural areas.


The Foundation has constructed two fully equipped Day Care /Recreational Centres for senior citizens located in rural communities in Rivers state. Here the elderly ones are guaranteed: One Meal a Day, A Place to Rest, Medical Attention and a Social Community. We intend to replicate it all over Rivers State and Nigeria.


To be able to identify helpless elderly people in rural communities, assess their present living conditions, assist them and successfully help them through physical, medical and spiritual interventions.


  • Improve the health of older persons who are unable to support themselves
  • Create an environment where older persons can relax, interact and get care
  • Promote healthy dietary practices, good nutrition and regular physical activity
  • Support faith-based visitation and evangelical interventions for older persons
  • Offer services for older persons, including home-delivered food items
  • Promote quality of life for older persons and one-on-one assistance.

Targeted Beneficiaries

Primarily, the target group of the programme is elderly people aged 70 years and above who reside in rural communities. Those who qualify to be catered to under the Care for Life Programme of the O.B Lulu-Briggs Foundation are referred to as Beneficiaries. So far, our projects have targeted at ageing populations in Abonnema, Buguma, Degema, Ilelema, Obonoma, Krakrama, Igbo-Etche, Okpo, Abua and Port Harcourt.

What We Do


elderly infirm and in-need senior citizens in rural communities


by giving them monthly supply of much needed food and provisions


regular medical check-ups and aid from assigned caregivers


create a social atmosphere for socializing and community

Free Medical Mission

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The Free Medical Mission Programme which started out as the Care for Life Quarterly Free Medical Week’’ (a sub-project of the Care for Life Programme) has over time evolved into a full programme. It is designed to provide succor to the ailing and indigent in our rural communities by ensuring that they gain access to quality health care services. The need to singularly address various health needs of the people has brought about the development of specialized health projects and interventions.

What We Do?

We provide medical assistance to the needy in rural communities in Nigeria, where health facilities are inadequate. The main project under this program is the free medical care mission which is held quarterly and lasts for five days at a time. Activities during the mission include treatment of various ailments (such as malaria, cold, etc), ophthalmic care, dental care, surgical operations and administration of free medication. At least three thousand persons attend each free medical mission programme.


The objective of this project is geared towards improving the quality of life for children aged between 3-11 years and to minimize the health risk of parasitic infections caused by Helminthes, which are commonly known as fat worms, tape worms, ring worms and hook worms. This project was initially designed as a school-based de-worming project but later evolved to Community based de-Worming.


This intervention promotes good vision for all and helps prevent some of the conditions that could impair the sight of individuals.


This intervention is targeted to assist people that require special medical attention but are unable to do so due to lack of required funds.

We have also, over the years, assisted several persons to access specialized medical care ranging from kidney transplant, fibroid operations, cleft-lip repair ’rare’ foot ulcer that required a skin graft and intensive dressing amongst many others.

Our Team

Our team comprises full time staff that do the advance preparatory work for each mission project. We are lucky to receive volunteered assistance from General Medical Practitioners, Gynecologists, Dentists, Pediatricians, Opticians, Radiologists, Surgeons, Nurses, Pharmacists and other medical practitioners for each of the missions we undertake. We also have non-medical volunteers who assist with organization and management.