O. B Lulu-Briggs Foundation Celebrate The At New Year


The O. B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation held its annual New Year Party for Senior Citizens at the Foundation’s Biokpo Recreational Center for the Elderly in Abonnema. Speaking during the event, the Chairman Board of Trustees of the O. B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation, Dr. Mrs. Seinye O. B. Lulu- Briggs said the Annual New Year Party for Senior Citizens is organized under the auspices of the Care for Life Programme, the Foundation’s flagship program which has been supporting vulnerable elderly people across Rivers State since 2001.

Dr. Mrs Seinye O. B. Lulu-Briggs, who was represented at the event by the Executive Secretary of the O. B. Lulu- Briggs Foundation, Ms Dakoru Okujagu, expressed her thanks to the beneficiaries for the kind messages she and her family had received since her beloved husband, High Chief Dr. O.B. Lulu-Briggs, OON, DCF, DSSRS, Iniikeiroari V, translated to glory just over a year ago. “Most especially, I appreciate the prayers. They have greatly comforted and strengthened our family particularly in the face of the internal strife we are passing through. We trust God that in His time our Opuda’s body will be laid to rest,” She said.

Speaking further, Mrs Seinye Lulu-Briggs said the annual New Year Party for treasured senior citizens was the first and most special of the foundation’s annual programme of activities. According to her, “Through it, we demonstrate the importance of our mission to serve and cater to the under-served means. We make sure we promote a sense of belonging amongst the aged members of our communities by honoring and celebrating them, even as the programme takes care of their material and spiritual needs. Since the establishment of the Foundation in 2001, we have hosted this event on New Year’s Day to ensure that we usher in every new year in a celebratory and joyful manner with the blessings of our senior citizens.
“As many of you know, the O.B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation began its operations in 2001 with the ‘Care for Life’ Programme. Its mandate is to provide holistic care for senior citizens who want to remain active and independent after retiring from service in their chosen professions, many of whom lack the economic or social resources to take proper care of themselves, and/or whose families lack the financial means to care for them.

“The programme provides healthcare, care giver visits, monthly food supplies/or a daily feeding programme, monthly cash stipends, clothing, spiritual care, and social events (such as today’s party). These services are provided directly to the beneficiaries at their homes and at our purpose built Biokpo Recreational Center. Our goal was to build a community of support that empowers and upholds the elders covered in the programme to live fearlessly in dignity, safety and peace, enjoying due recognition, love and respect across the community free from abuse, neglect, criticism, discrimination or victimization. Presently, the Care for Life Programme covers 120 beneficiaries from 10 communities in Rivers State, namely: Abonnema, Abua, Buguma, Etche, Illelema, Krakrama, Obonoma, Okpo, Port Harcourt and Tema.”

Beneficiaries of the Care for Life Programme, who were all adorned in beautiful clothes and had a great time of praise, worship and celebration also thanked the O. B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation for consistently caring for them. “What the Foundation has been doing for us is fine. We are thankful. Let nothing be able to stop it so it can be forever,” said Pa Robert Ajumogobia Bestman, one of the beneficiaries of the Care For Life Programme.

Pastor Princess Emmanuel delivered the homily during the event, which had as its high point the cutting of the New Year cake by the beneficiaries of the Care for Life Programme.

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